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CPRO Website Renewal
2013.12.02 l Claude_Marketing Team
CPRO’s website has been relaunched with more various features and products.
To be a part of the market which is becoming more competitive, we have redesigned CI and the website as a company of New Generation with passion.
There are three factors you may enjoy at our new website.

1. You may access the website from various mobile devices without having an error.
The visitor will see the consistent site view from the devices such as mobile phone, Tablet PC, laptop and desktop unlike a website that has a mobile version and PC version.
Thus, you may communicate with us faster and conveniently through a mobile device in all kinds of circumstances in the world. 

2. The visitor will be able to search the products they want conveniently.
Not only the previous CPRO’s website but also, many company websites categorized the products in their own standards which can be difficult for the visitors to search the products. However, our new website has considered the visitors’ perspective and made the search system easier and faster. 

3. CPRO has opened the blog to share our news with the visitors.
It is such a pleasure to introduce the news to you and we will update the blog with more stories.

CPRO would like to repay for the supports from those who always have been encouraged us.
CPRO is not only working on the website but also pursuing for an innovative change for both inside and outside of the organization. In 2014, the New CPRO will jump up to be a leading company in the world. 
  • How can I contact with anyone in Vietnam??
  • Toan 07:31pm 23/05/2017
  • hope see a wonderful business effect in the field of the cam industry.. -best regards koshi
  • koshi 11:16am 15/12/2016
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